CallerID Hack of Tomorrow

I had an idea that you can truly have a sixth sense of the general mood of your friends based on publicly available content.
Imagine knowing that your Aunt Trudy is calling you and is FURIOUS. Perhaps you want to send it to VM? Please let me know if you have any interest, or generally if you would find it useful for a $1.99 monthly fee? Have a great night.

Here’s a snippet of the Mood ID Details:

MoodID is a plugin/app that works for a mobile device that displays the mood or ‘state of being’ an individual from your contact list. For this to operate, the app accesses a wealth of information that is publicly available on the web that is linked to that contact. This handy-work is done upfront/behind the scenes, and is stored on the MoodID website. Whenever the mobile device rings, the mood (pulling data from the site) instantly displays.

Benefit to the User:
> Get a sense of the type of call you are receiving
> Automatically go to VM if the mood is irate
> Have a ‘sixth sense’, answer phone with “wow, you are having a good day?”

More Details here

An interesting related article:

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