Everyone Has a Deep Profile

I’ve been thinking lately about how deep your social graph goes. Between all the breadcrumbs you leave on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, Google+, and Fandango…you got a whole lot out there. Imagine for an instance all this information you are ‘stewing in’ is basically your own universe that you are chained to. Imagine a crystal ball that is chained to your leg – contains everything including all your contacts, buddy lists, preferences, and god knows what. For the sake of clarity, what I mean is that everything digital you have ever done can be compressed into big data package. Makes sense I hope 😉

Moreover, this package of data is specific to you. Its a vast DNA or the way you look at the world, and the type of connections you have professionally and personally. Not to mention all your spending behavior. I can imagine this all can about to gigs and gigs of data.

Thinking in the vain of John Maeda – keep it simple. So I want to brand this bundle, as your Deep Profile.

Everyone’s Deep Profile can be tapped into, shared etc. The bigger your Deep Profile, the better user experience you will have: on websites, while shopping, while looking for recommendations, and while streaming music. A Deep Profile can even change the music in a bar that best suits your tastes…or how about the ‘most common’ taste, if everyone is sharing their deep profile. Seems like magic.

So feed your Deep Profile for the best experiences in the world! But what I second, do you even own this powerful data set. Do you have any access to it really, who is looking at it already. How do we treat people that have no Deep Profile? And can you manipulate it?

Regardless, its happening, and the analytics large corporations are able to inject into this world is mesmerizing. Some exciting times for data…data that can never be deleted.

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