#litnetworking a Beekman33 Production


Happy Holidays / Happy New Year!

Let’s kick it off right.

2018 will usher in a new era for our innovative events.  Announcing the Beekman33 Salon in Austin TX. Limited tickets. Secret location.  Live music, local food, and innovative speakers all in one night.  Stay tuned for more info by following @beekman33

Save the date: March 10th 8-11:30pm


What is Beekman33?

The answer is here.

How do I contact you?

Please use this form or hit me at @beekman33 on Twitter.

What are some past events?

  1. The Original Beekman33 Idea Salon 2012
  2. Beekman33 Piano Recital 2013
  3. #TechTunesTable Brooklyn 2013
  4. #Beatsboozebites Bushwick 2014
  5. #BoozePoolConcert Los Angeles 2015


 Where is the venue?

 We’ve secured an amazing space. All will be revealed closer to the event.